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Dated: May 21 2021

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I interviewed my favourite Home Stager & Stylist, Brigitte Archambault, based in the Greater Ottawa area of Ontario.  As a Realtor, my job is to communicate the value of staging and it’s role in selling my client’s home.  Who better to provide answers to homeowners questions about staging than Brigitte – her talent stems from her lifelong passion for interior decorating and styling.  I have heard her described as a Miracle Worker.

I asked her, “What is staging and what are the benefits?” 

Home Staging is a marketing technique developed to facilitate and accelerate the sale of a property.  It is a customized service to enhance and communicate the potential of the property in the best possible way and make it desirable to those who see it, first online and then in person.  It is said that 90% of potential buyers cannot see past the current state of a home.

It means those online MLS photos are of utmost importance because they are what will attract potential buyers to visit the property in person.  You want to create broad-buyer appeal, but you also want to give the home that WOW factor that will make it stand out from the others in the same demographic.


Then I asked, “How does it work?”

Staging almost always starts with decluttering and depersonalizing.  It is different from interior decorating in the sense that you are trying to remove the homeowner's personality and decorate it in a way that would be appealing to all, regardless of taste, religion, gender. etc. 

The homeowners' job is to, first and foremost, disassociate themselves from the house, putting their personal feelings aside.  Then use my recommendations to get the house ready for staging day AND maintain the home in that picture-perfect state for every showing.  

I try to minimize costs by using the existing furnishings. Adding accent cushions, bedding, lamps, etc.  If necessary, I bring in larger pieces of furniture and décor items owned by me, the realtor, or are rented.

Next, I wanted to know how she got into staging and what makes her such a great (in my opinion) stager? 

I've always been interested in interior styling and decorating.  Prior to being a home stager, I would walk into people's homes and mentally rearrange the furniture in a way that would better suit the space. Friends and family would ask me for my decorating advice and so when my sister put her house up for sale in Toronto in 2015, I went about helping prepare the house for sale by moving or removing furniture, painting, adding flowers, buying small accents, etc..

Her Realtor contacted me afterwards to see if I wanted to stage a home she had for sale in Toronto's Beaches area!  That's how I got started.

I believe what makes me a good Stager is my ability to know almost immediately what should stay, what should go, what I can work with and what I can't.  I am very attentive to detail and more than a little OCD (LOL).  Aside from hands-on staging, I also offer staging and styling consultations (in person or virtually), report recommendations, shopping services, sourcing for rentals, picture-day or open house preparation and re-design services.  It really is a fun and challenging time to be a Home Stager!

Thank you Brigitte – I am always in awe of your creative solutions and the style you bring to every home.  To contact Brigitte, visit her website at

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